Concert for Ukraine

Musicians from Scottish Opera Orchestra and its independent offshoot McOpera have amassed a powerhouse of Scots-based vocal and instrumental artists to stage a performance of Mozart’s Requiem in Glasgow this weekend. Proceeds will go to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal which is run by the British Red Cross Association’s Disasters Emergency Committee.

The performance, conducted by Scottish Opera’s head of music Derek Clark, takes place on Saturday evening in St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Great Western Road and features soloists who have starred in the recent run of highly-acclaimed Scottish Opera productions: soprano Catriona Hewitson, mezzo-soprano Sioned Gwen Davis, tenor Jamie MacDougall and bass John Molloy.  

Chorus members are drawn from Scottish Opera, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and from the University of St Andrews. The venue has been made available free of charge by St Mary’s Cathedral and the event is supported by the Scots support charity for service veterans, Bravehound.

Violinist Katie Hull, who has helped spearhead the initiative, and who will lead the orchestra on Saturday, explained: “Mozart’s Requiem is a fitting work to reflect our cause to do what we can to raise funds for the humanitarian crisis that plagues Ukraine. 

“Mozart passed away before he completed his Requiem, leaving that task to others – when we are faced with tragedy, everything and everyone else must continue, by imperfectly piecing together what is left. We invite everyone to come and join us in Glasgow’s West End to reflect in the music and give generously to our cause.”

Mozart’s Requiem for the DEC Ukraine Appeal takes place on 26 March, 7.30pm, at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow.
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